About hosting Blitz-Host

2015 use and develop their own network filter that proved its effectiveness — successfully repelled more than 5,000 attacks on the websites of our clients. Through his own filter ensures protection from DDoS attacks up to 1Tb/s to attack 3 and 4 level and up to 100Mb/s to attack 7 level.

  • 8 739

    Reflected DDoS attacks in 2015

  • 1770

    Days of uptime hosting

  • 99.9%

    Guaranteed uptime

    At the rate of "Exclusive"

Blitz Server-Host

Our servers are located in the largest data centers in the UK, Germany and France. The maintenance specialists of the company OVH.

Server location guarantees the minimum ping for users from Russia, Europe and CIS countries.

Why you need DDoS protection?

With the rapid development of technology and mass media creating their representations on the Internet of various small, medium and large businesses — DDoS attacks have gained huge popularity.

The attackers do not miss the chance to attack is not protected by a website or service with the aim of obtaining cash. Also, the attack can be paid for by a rival organization to slow or a complete stop of the site during the promotion or a seasonal surge in sales.

Along with the growth in the number of attacks is increasing their power and duration — for the year 2018, the power of ddos attacks increased by 194%. And the most powerful recorded attack 134Gb/s, for comparison, the most powerful attack in 2017 70Gb/s.

Most of the attacks made on the online shops, game servers, hosting and commercial services.

5 Gb/s

The average power of DDoS attacks in 2018., according to experts of the company Link 11

The principle of operation of DDoS protection

Features Blitz-Host

Blitz-Host specializiruetsya for the provision of services DDoS protected hosting for websites, online stores and services.

Blitz-Host protects from all existing types of DDoS attacks: TCP SYN Flood, Fragmented UDP Flood, attack using a botnet, Smurf attack, DNS attack strengthening, TCP Reset and other. Our main goal is to provided you with a stable hosting service that would enable You to develop your online resource without fear of DDoS attacks.